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Bali-Song, Inc. In business 1979-2000. Original location (1979-1983): Roswell St., Los Angeles, CA. Bali-Song, Inc. operated as an independent custom bali shop until the last custom balis were made in June of 2000. Although Pacific Cutlery Co. and Benchmade Knife Co. operated alongside it in later years, and all three were owned by the same persons, this custom Bali-Song shop technically continued as an independent company with the legal name of "Bali-Song, Inc." until custom balis were no longer made. Famous knifemaker Jody Samson ground all of the custom profiles from mid-1979 to mid-1987. Vic Anselmo did a few protos before that and Eric ground a bunch after Jody left. This info comes from Pete (examonlyf).

Pacific Cutlery Company. In business 1983-1987. Location: Laurel Canyon Blvd, N. Hollywood, CA. PCC offered a wide variety of production knives including balisongs, folders, and fixed blades. It had a patent for balisong design. Although the owners never changed, this company dissolved and became the Benchmade Knife Co. in 1988. The patent was dropped.

Benchmade Knife Company. In business 1988-Present. Locations:

Bali-Song production halted between 1997 and 1999. The (R) next to the butterfly logo on customs generally denotes a later piece. I am not sure exactly when the (R) appeared, but it is known that it was in use under PCC in 1987. The (R) mark is only a general guide, however, as it was not necessarily always used after it was introduced.

If you have any material from 1982-1983 or from 1989-1990, please email me so we can add it to this archive. Thank you

Bali-Song, Inc. 1979-1980
Bali-Song, Inc. 1980-1981
Bali-Song, Inc. 1981-1982
Pacific Cutlery Corp, 1983-1984
Benchmade, 1997
Benchmade, 1997
Benchmade, 1997
Benchmade, 1997

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